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Monday, May 16, 2011

Policies The Boutique Hook'up

"The Boutique Hook'up"

1. This is a page to host 
games, giveaways, drawings, and other events.

2. This is a page where partners can post their events such as auctions, live sales, comment games, and more!

3. This is a page to advertise your shop! Your products! 

4. To become a partner:
   ~if you are a vendor of Emeralds Boutique 
   ~if you are a  member of Emeralds Boutique Vendor Only Group
   ~you can submit a email and we can add you

5. It is free to our vendors and group members

6. Everyone else it is $1.00 per post or $5.00 per month 
(you can submit as many as you wish!)

7. Deal packs 
2months=$8.00, 3months=$11.00, 4months=$15.00

8. If your a vendor/member and 
wish for us to post your information it is a 
$.50 per post or $3.00 per month

9. If you are granted access to post your own post 
you may not in any way change or 
modify any other post 
   or  pages.

10.There will be no 
name calling, rude comments, ugly words, 
unprofessional-ism allowed on this page 
what so ever.

11. All partners can add their badge 
and we can place on the front page! 
If you don't have one and 
need us to create one (basic) 
or turn your logo picture into a badge 
we can for $2.00!

12. All partners can submit 2x a month a 

"Whats New" photo to be placed 

on our front page with a link back to your page!

13. Emeralds Sponsorship Program 
will be held here too, 
for info on becoming a part of that 
pls contact us  thru the contact page

14. If any questions or concerns pls email us

15. If any rules are violated 
in any way your services will be terminated 
and banned from future use. 
If a member of our group you will be deleted
if a vendor your services will be terminated as well. 

16. We have the right to change the policies at any time.

17. To become a partner you must agree to the rules, by agreeing you will comment "agreed"

18. This will post on Emeralds Btq fan page as well! 
We can repost and tag your page in it to go to your page.
You can copy the link and paste on your page 
to tell  your fans! 
Double advertising!  

~"The Boutique Hook'up"~

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Emeralds Boutique said...

Emeralds Boutqiue~agreed!

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